Post Graduate (MSc)

Course overview

Advance your career in business, nonprofits, or government sector through Graduate School of Management’s Postgraduate diploma (M.Sc.) in Management programme. Gain the knowledge and confidence you need to successfully manage projects and processes and motivate others. Learn how to develop a management style that integrates global awareness, legal and ethical considerations, human capital development, and social change. Choose a career-focused specialization that best fits your professional goals.
The Postgraduate diploma (M.Sc.) Management can help prepare you to successfully manage projects and processes and direct people. Courses in this online management degree also examine strategies for motivating people to meet goals and face today's critical challenges.

Programme Objectives

To provide prospective Post Graduate Management students with a body of knowledge which will:

  • increase their employment opportunities
  • prepare them for supervisory and management careers in related industry and commerce
  • Provide them with a qualification which will enable them to progressto higher level general management or specialised programmes at a later stage in their work or academic careers.


The Post Graduate Diploma in Management programme is while suitable also suitable for working supervisors and managers who require recognised management qualifications for career advancement or promotion purposes.

Entry requirement

  • Bearer of a proper bachelor ( Graduate diploma in the UK, US…system)
  • Bearer of any diploma equal to 4 years studies at the university.

Tuition - Scolarité

 400 000 - Registration

 150 000 -  1st instalment

 150 000 -  2nd instalment

 150 000 -  3rd instalment

 150 000 -  4th instalment

 150 000 -  5th instalment

 150 000 -  6th instalment

 150 000 -  7th instalment

1450 000 -  TOTAL


  • Financial Decision Making
  • Management of Change
  • Operations Management
  • People in Organisations
  • International Marketing Strategy
  • Contemporary Strategic Management

Post Graduate course Structure

Financial Decision Making

Management of change

Operation management

International marketing strategy

Contemporary strategic management